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Ready to fight back? we here in your corner...


Boxing for Parkinson sessions are currently available on a 101 basis.


Rock Steady's program will be available from October 2017. This is not a cure, but may help fight the symptoms and slow the disease considerably.


Please visit following link to see why this program has been so successful:



Please contact me personally for more information



Prices at the Meridian Center:



Price per Session

1 Session 260 nis ea.
5 Sessions* 240 nis ea.
10 Sessions* 220 nis ea.



Treatment times:

Sun - Thurs: 08:30-18:30


Book Now by mail or by calling 054-547-1234



* to benefit from the lower price, the session series must be prepaid in full.




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New: fight back Parkinson's with...
Boxing / Taichi exercise program, countering Parkinson's symptoms. Private and groups. Contact me to join


Kung Fu - Motzas"h
For Teenagers & Men  Every Motzas"h at 20:00. (Summer time will start after Pessach at 1 hour after Havdala) in RBSA. Contact me to join

Tai-Chi - Men
Exercise suitable for most fitness levels  Every Wednesdays at 20:00 in RBSA. Contact me to join

NEW -  Boys Kung-Fu
Boys ages  9-14. Private sessions only. RBSA. Contact me to join



Winter Qigong
Easy & Fun Exercise - focusing on Kidneys,  Imune system and Urinary Bladder as well as,  fatigue, Balance, Coordination,  flexibility, depression, revitalization - quick amazing results.  Contact me to join


New classes now available in Gush Etzion and Modiin


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Dear Clients:

Please note that, for the time being and for the near future, treatments are suspended, as we recently relocated, and the clinic is not yet operational. Thank you for your understanding.


Contact us:

054-547-1234 or e-mail


*No Double Deals

*For group classes only

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