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Fees for Classes

Prices in Shekels per calendar month.


Ages 9-13 - no classes currently available, Contact me if you want to organize a group or wish to start privately. Private Session Fees

  Regular 3mth sub.1
~10% off
Year Sub.2
~15% off
1 Session /wk 220 200 185
2 Session /wk 320 290 270

Ages 14-120
per week
1mth1 3mth Sub. 1 6mth Sub. 1 1 Year Sub. 2
1 260 240*3 220*6 200*12
2 460 440*3 360*6 400*12

  Members3 Non-Members
3 Hours Session 260 320
Repeats 50% off 50% off

Valid for all students from September 2019. Payments must be made for the whole 1mth/3mth/6mth/1year in advance from the moment of joining. Postdated checks accepted. No refunds for missed classes.

2 Valid for all students from September 2019. Payments must be made for the whole year in advance. No refunds for missed classes. Postdated checks accepted. Only available for students registering duing August and September 2019 ONLY !
3 Students with a year subscription.

- FREE TRIAL Class available, but when joining, this class is counted as starting date.

- FREE Qigong classes for cancer patients that are registered with Cancer Association. at the association's premises in Jerusalem. 10% discount for cancer patients for all other private group classes. ask for details.

- Students can attend any suitable class subject to availability, gender and/or age restrictions. Ask for clarifications.

- Information is correct at time of publishing but may change overtime, please call or check with Teacher for any change to the above.

- if class is cancelled permanently, proportional refund will be calculated as per the table above.

Please click here for our full policy and conditions

Additional Costs:
not applicable right now except for grading fees.

T-Shirts: 60 sh. Kung-Fu Shoes: 180 sh. (optional). Black Kung-Fu Trousers: 100-300 sh. depending on sizes. Black jogging trousers are ok instead (no training in shorts or vest allowed). Belt: 50 sh. Grading fees including belt*: Grades 1-3 = 50 sh; Grades 4-6 = 100 sh. *Belts are on loan unless purchased separately (50 sh.). Prices are not fixed, and may vary overtime.

*Belts are exchanged and reused after each grading. The last belt is yours to keep.

Notice Board

Corona Safe:
While in Quarrantine, all Classes are on Zoom

Free TaiChi:
for aged 60+ residents of Beit Shemesh
Contact me to join

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Online Courses
Coming soon...
New: fight back Parkinson's with...
Boxing / Taichi exercise program, countering Parkinson's symptoms. Private and groups. Contact me to join


Kung Fu Mondays
For Teenagers & Men  Every Monday at 20:00 in RBSA. Contact me to join

Tai-Chi Wednesdays
Exercise suitable for most fitness levels  Every Wednesdays at 20:00 in RBSA. Contact me to join

NEW -  Boys Kung-Fu
Boys ages  9-14. Private sessions only. RBSA. Contact me to join


Indian Summer  Qigong
Easy & fun exercise, focusing on the digestive organs, immune system as well as balance, range of movements, coordination, flexibility, depression and revitalization - quick amazing results.
Contact me to join



Classes in:
Beit Shemesh, Gush Etzion and Modiin


Join any-time.

FREE* Trial Class !

Want to start a new group near you? Contact us now


Dear Clients:

Please note that, for the time being and for the near future, treatments are suspended, as we recently relocated, and the clinic is not yet operational. Thank you for your understanding.


Contact us:

054-547-1234 or e-mail


*No Double Deals

*For group classes only

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